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Organist and pianist James Weinberg works with top talent in Nashville to create whatever type of ensemble you desire for your middle Tennessee ceremony and reception.

I offer a 20% discount off my regular domestic rates for Europeans planning a Destination Wedding in Nashville!

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Greg Cutcliff, Highland Bagpiper

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Wedding Music Consulting, Coordinating, Subcontracting and Performance for Ceremonies and Receptions

James Arthur Weinberg
Organist, Holy Cross Anglican Church, Franklin TN


The following describes the services I offer when you contract with me to play for your wedding.

Consultation Session
We can meet at the organ to audition pieces from my repertoire. If this is not convenient, you may elect to listen to recordings and let me know your favorite pieces by phone or email. Some people even say, "I'll just leave it up to you."

Pre-service music for the 15-20 minutes prior to the service may be chosen, including music for seating the mothers. There is nothing more popular than the celebrated Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel. The bridesmaids' processional most often used is the by Jeremiah Clarke (Princess Diana's processional). Congregational hymns, solos, or special pieces may also be selected. The traditional wedding march is Wagner's from Lohengrin, commonly known as "Here Comes the Bride." The traditional recessional is Felix Mendelssohn's Wedding March from A Midsummer Night's Dream, also known as the theme from "The Newlywed Game." Both these pieces are secular and come from works based on mythological themes; alternative pieces, just as suitable for the occasion, can be auditioned during the consultation.

The couple can greatly assist the process by listening to classical and sacred recordings prior to the consultation to identify the style of music which most appeals to their tastes. Specific composers (e.g. "Bach/Gounod") and periods (e.g. "Romantic") and names of works (e.g. "Ave Maria") will greatly aid the organist and make the consultation period more productive.

You may bring sheet music of favorite songs, tapes, or programs from other weddings at this time. Sheet music to specially requested songs must be purchased and supplied to the organist at least two weeks prior to the ceremony, and will remain the property of the bride and groom. Discretion should be used when requesting love songs and other secular music, keeping in mind the sacramental nature of the ceremony. Your minister can offer guidance on this subject as well. Rules defining restrictions vary from church to church, so ultimately these decisions should be made in conjunction with the officiating minister.

Please plan the walk-through of the bridesmaids' processional, bridal march, and recessional at the beginning of the rehearsal. The organist is generally not needed for the remainder of activities that take place. Payment of fees is expected at the rehearsal.

Fee Schedule for Weddings

Keyboardist rates range from $175 for Ceremony only (no consultation or rehearsal) to $325 for Consultation Session, Rehearsal & Ceremony

Weddings more than 20 miles from Brentwood will incur a travel fee, to be negotiated. Extra rehearsals to accomodate soloists are $50 per half-hour session. If an instrument is not available at your site, a setup fee is charged for transporting my own keyboard, amp and speaker system. I am also available to play piano at the reception--popular music, country, love songs, movie themes, etc.--at the rate of $100 dollars per hour. I can also subcontract vocalists and instrumentalists for a variety of chamber ensembles.


My partner for Celtic weddings is Gregory Martin Cutcliff (pictured on left) of the Nashville Pipes and Drums. Mr. Cutcliff's ancestors trimmed the cliffs of Dover. My only claim is I had an uncle from Edinburgh, and I love Celtic music! We play a rousing Highland Cathedral together.

Wightman Chapel at Scarritt Bennett A popular site for weddings in Nashville is the beautiful chapel at the Scarritt Bennett Center (formerly Scarritt College). Wightman Chapel is a lovely alternative for those wishing an off-church site. Intimate setting with great acoustics, pipe organ, grand piano, and reception facilities. Wightman can be rented by contacting the Events Manager at weddings@scarrittbennett.org.

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