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Welcome to my website about old and new books on minerals! 

My name is Mario Augusto Tiberi, and I live in Torino, Italy.  When I was young, I spent a lot of time collecting mineral specimens  and researching minerals because the Alps were so nearby.  I still have most of my collection.

About 15 years ago, however, I gave up collecting minerals, and started accumulating old books, abstracts, maps, most of which deal with Mineralogy, Mines, Geology, Paleontology and Earth Sciences in general.

I am particularly attracted by old texts containing plates, engravings, lithographs of minerals and fossils and colored geology and mine maps.

 This website has been created with two basic aims:

  1. To serve as a point of reference for people interested in finding and collecting old texts (books, abstracts, maps) particularly about minerals, rocks, mines, geology, fossils and Earth Sciences.

  2. To offer the duplicate books in my collection to people interested in enhancing their own.

As a private collector, I



Mineralogy – Geology
Mines and mining
Paleontology -  Fossils
Natural History – Mountains
Science – Transportation
Technology - Local - Various


Old and new books on Earth Sciences : mineralogy, geology, mining, mineral deposits, mine lamps, paleontology, evolution, etc.

I am also interested in exchanging and/or selling old books on :

Natural History, Sciences and Transportation, Mountains, Caverns, Caves, Geography and Travel, Astronomy, Mechanics, Physics, and local history.

 Books descriptions are given in Italian and prices are quoted in Euros at the exchange rate of one Euro to $1.50.  English translations are available for specific items on request.

 If you are interested in mineral specimens, please contact me for more information.  I am selling off my collection at very reasonable prices.  I would be happy to send you descriptions, pictures and prices of the pieces you select.

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