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Research Interests

Sicilian Bronze Age, with focus on Middle Bronze Age (ca 1450-1250 BC).

Archaeology of death; Household archaeology.

Social analysis of funerary and domestic contexts.

Structure analysis of funerary and settlement datasets by means of Correspondence Analysis.

Identity, ceramic style, feasting in small scale to complex societies.

Cultural and contextual facets of imports to Sicilian Middle Bronze Age contexts.

Chronology (absolute, relative); pottery seriation; seriation techniques.

Radiocarbon chronology and Bayesian chronological modelling.

Statistics and multivariate analyses of archaeological data.


Bayesian modeling of 14C determinations.

Use of online programs (OxCal and BCal) for Bayesian radiocarbon calibration.

Canonical and Multiple Correspondence Analysis for data structure interpretation.

Use of Statistical Packages for data exploration, hypothesis tests and multivariate analysis: R, STATISTICA, Minitab, XLSTAT, SYSTAT, JMP, PAST.

Advanced use of Microsoft Excel and Access for data analysis and data mining.

Implementation of statistical functions in Excel.

Website editing (iWeb, RapidWeaver).