"Centro Studi Chimera"

The cultural association for the Arezzo's friends and, for the Italian language and culture lovers.--- L'associazione culturale per gli stranieri amanti di Arezzo e della lingua e cultura italiane.

WE OFFER: Courses of Italian language and culture, tourist information, cultural tours, literary contests, pen pals, cultural exchanges, newspapers, magazines, books, movies, music, recreational activities and socializing as excursions, parties, sport, cinema and theatre. WRITE US FOR MORE INFORMATION AND, JOIN US 'cause if you really want to get to know a country, you should not only visit it, but live in it.

AREZZO is situated in the heart of Tuscany and Italy (near to Florence, Siena, Perugia and Rome). It is a peacefull and industrious town of 100.000 inhabitants, proud of its past history and of its present economy; Arezzo is well known as the "City of Gold", having more than 1000 industries. Motherland of MECENATE, GUIDO D'AREZZO, FRANCESCO PETRARCA, GIORGIO VASARI, PIETRO ARETINO, it was one of twelve capitals of the Etruscans thus a rich and powerful city allied with Rome. Finally it became a free Commune, in conflict with Florence during the Middle Ages. you can see the renowned "Vase of Euphronios", Cimabue's splendid wooden crucifix and the world famous cycle of frescoes "The Legend of the True Cross" by Piero della Francesca. There are many interesting historical, artistic and natural sights to visit, infact this fashinating area is full of Etruscan and Roman remains, fortified castles, ancient abbeys, medieval villages, unique artistic masterpieces, wonderful parks, traditional festivals and knightly tournaments. Interesting events are the Giostra del Saracino (re-enactment in costume of a Medieval Joust), the monthly Antique Fair, The Polyphonic Contest, the International Exhibition of Aretine Jewellery, the International Festival of One Act Plays, and the famous International review of rock music "Arezzo-Wave".--- COURSES: minimum of forty hours. Two levels: elementary and intermediate. Daily lessons from Monday to Friday. Young "mother-tongue" teachers. Teaching aids: "Qui Italia" by A. Mazzetti, M. Falcinelli and B. Servadio; newspapers, magazines, audio and video cassettes. Certificate of Attendance. Recreational activities and socializing: excursions, parties, disco, sport, music, cinema, theatre and cookery.


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