Casella di testo: This underground structure has four arms of different length. A small part of the structure was carved out of the bedrock. The remainder was built of concrete with a plastered facing. As we donít know what there was above the structure, it is variously explained as a covered walkway or a storage area for grain.
Casella di testo: This shrine occupies part of an L shaped portico which bounded the large piazza which existed before the creation of the forum and amphitheatre. In the centre there is a base with a dedicatory inscription in Latin on the front ,now in the museum, and musical instruments sculptured on the three faces. The dedication to the Magna Mater Cybele and goddess Syria to the oriental cults. A classicizing head of Attis found nearby also suggest the practice of oriental religions in Roman Gnathia.
Casella di testo: This piazza is of trapezoidal shape, and only half of its area has been excavated. Around each side there is a portico in Doric order, and a canal to carry away the rain water. Toward the acropolis the remains of an oratorical platform cam be seen. Nearly there is an honorary base and the presence of  others is suggested by the impressions left in the tufa pavement. A paved walkway connects the forum with the Via Traiana.
Casella di testo: This was a public building in which justice was administered and business carried out. Supported by 20 internal columns, it had its principal face and entrance along the widest side to south east. On the side facing the acropolis there was a large paved hall with a mosaic floor. Although in part  under the modern road, this mosaic had in its centre a representation of three Graces. It is now on display in the museum.
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